What do you do when you feel like an imposter or feel inadequate? Fake it till you make it? Or be forthcoming with your shortcomings?

Our guest Charlene Leung shares how when she first transitioned from individual contributor to people manager (less than a year ago!), she felt the pressure to project all-knowing confidence in order to earn the respect of her team, even when that confidence was false. But she came to see that putting up this false front was counterproductive, and that when she was willing to be vulnerable with herself and her direct reports, it brought her team together, built trust, and eased the anxieties that had often kept her up at night.

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“You'll Manage Challenge” episodes put theory into action, providing you a clear, achievable next step to up your management game within a week.

In Episode 11, Eusden Shing, an engineer-turned-product leader from Hulu and Pinterest, shared how he came about his set of core management principles, and how they have been key to effectively managing and guiding teams. Compiling a full set of "commandments" takes time, but in this week’s Challenge we’ll talk about how to get started, one principle at a time.

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“No one is unreasonable.”

That's one of the 10 principles that Eusden, an engineer-turned-product guy lives by. In this episode, he shares how having carefully crafted a list of principles has helped him lead teams at companies like Hulu and Pinterest. We learn about some of his top 10, including “trust is the foundation” and “focus on few things well,” and how he puts them into practice to manage and collaborate effectively.

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