“You’ll Manage Challenge” episodes put theory into action, providing you a clear, achievable next step to up your management game within a week.

In Episode 11, Eusden Shing, an engineer-turned-product leader from Hulu and Pinterest, shared how he came about his set of core management principles, and how they have been key to effectively managing and guiding teams. Compiling a full set of “commandments” takes time, but in this week’s Challenge we’ll talk about how to get started, one principle at a time.

The management commandments You’ll Manage Challenge

For this week’s challenge, you’ll start identifying one or two principles based on the feedback you give to your team.

Here’s how:

  1. Note the feedback you have been giving this week and reflect on whether there are common or recurring themes.
  2. Reflect on those themes and dig deeper to uncover the underlying reason for its prevalence. For example, a specific, prescriptive piece of feedback about how to conduct a meeting may reflect a broader principle or management truth that you believe in about communication or transparency.
  3. Try to articulate that reason as simply and clearly as possible, such that you can then articulate going forward with your team. That’s your first principle! It doesn’t need to be perfect – undoubtedly this will a forever evolving, iterative list.

Share your Challenge experience

Drop us an email at [email protected] or tweet us @youllmanage to let us know how your experience completing the Challenge was. What principles did you come up with? How did you uncover them? Or do you already have a set of principles that you’ve developed over time?

Even better, record a voice memo and attach it to your email, and we might feature you in a future episode of You’ll Manage!

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