“You’ll Manage Challenge” episodes put theory into action, providing you a clear, achievable next step to up your management game within a week.

In Episode 7, CEO and co-founder of Remote Job van der Voort shared his passion for remote working and the incredible freedom and flexibility it brings. This week’s challenge is about looking for ways to bring a bit of those benefits to yourself and your team, even if your organization is far from going fully remote.

The asynchronous work You’ll Manage Challenge

Your challenge is to find something on your calendar in the coming week to make more asynchronous – and thus hopefully giving your team members more flexibility and leveling the playing field for those who are remote or unavailable.

Listen to the episode to hear some ideas for how you can do this, including Slack stand-ups, video introductions for new team members, making meetings partially asynchronous, and more.

For even more ideas, we also recommend GitLab’s guide to Embracing asynchronous communication and Dropbox’s Virtual First Toolkit.

Share your Challenge experience

Drop us an email at [email protected] to let us know how your experience completing the Challenge was. What did you try making more asynchronous? How did it go?

Even better, record a voice memo and attach it to your email, and we might feature you in a future episode of You’ll Manage!

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