“You’ll Manage Challenge” episodes put theory into action, providing you a clear, achievable next step to up your management game within a week.

In Episode 5, Tomás Campos revealed to us the one critical question he learned to ask at Uber: “What are your expectations of me as a manager?” It’s not always an easy question to answer, though, so this week’s Challenge provides some other ways to approach that question and start a conversation.

The expectations You’ll Manage Challenge

Your challenge is to spark the conversation with at least one of your direct reports about how they expect and want from you as their manager. 

Here’s how:

  1. Ask them to tell you about:
    • something a past manager of theirs did that they really appreciated, and
    • something a past manager of theirs did that made them feel frustrated.
  2. Dig into each and understand both the specifics of the events and the general insights you can draw.
  3. Based on what you discuss and learn, talk about how you can best work with and support them.

Share your Challenge experience

Drop us an email at [email protected] to let us know how your experience completing the Challenge was. Did the Challenge successfully lead to a broader conversation about expectations? Did you learn something new about your direct report(s)? Did it change how you work with them?

Even better, record a voice memo and attach it to your email, and we might feature you in a future episode of You’ll Manage!

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